Additional Services

The attorneys here at Fraser, Wilson & Bryan, P.C. have more than 60 years of combined experience. During this time, we have worked on just about every type of case you can imagine. This great experience makes us an invaluable resource to many of our clients because it allows us to help you with most types of legal challenges, even if they are not in our main service areas. Having an attorney you can work with for just about every situation can help you to get the results you need.

Real Estate

When buying or selling real estate, an attorney can play an important role. We will work with you to write or go over any contracts or other documents you need to sign to ensure everything is in order, and you are not going to face trouble down the road. If you are selling or buying property without the involvement of a real estate agent, you should have an attorney prepare or review the contract. We make the process simple. You should not purchase real estate without obtaining title insurance, and we work with title companies to request that coverage and then review the title commitment to be sure you are getting what you pay for.


By the nature of their business, banks are involved in a significant number of situations which require the services of a skilled and experienced advocate. We represent local banks in a wide range of legal matters, including but not limited to preparing loan documents, collection matters, and providing general legal advice.   

Civil Litigation

Our attorneys represent both businesses and individuals in nearly any form of civil litigation. Civil court encompasses a vast number of legal situations—essentially any case not involving criminal action. Our team is highly experienced and extremely effective in providing civil litigation advocacy for our clients.


Collecting unpaid debts is almost certain to fail without the weight of the law behind your efforts. When individuals or other entities owe your business money, our attorneys will work with you to leverage any lawful means available to collect the debts you are owed.


Our contract services go far beyond those encompassed by our Business Law services. While we are adept at drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts for businesses, we can also assist in any matters involving contracts for individuals as well. No matter the situation, if an agreement between two parties is involved, our team can help ensure your needs and goals are properly protected with an ironclad contract.

1031 Qualified Intermediary Services

We offer Qualified Intermediary services for your 1031 tax deferred exchanges. If you are selling property described by the IRC as being held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment and want to take advantage of the tax deferral allowed under federal law by purchasing replacement like-kind property, we can assist. This is not a legal service, and we cannot have provided legal services within the past two years in order to act as your Qualified Intermediary.

Contact Us

No matter what type of legal situation you are facing, we want you to call us first. In most cases, we can help you to get through these difficult experiences successfully by creating a custom legal strategy to get you the exact results you’re hoping for. In the rare cases when we are unable to provide assistance, we can refer you to a trusted attorney who will be able to help. So, if you are facing a legal situation, please contact us right away.