Fees & Services

Information About Our Fees and Services

Our firm handles most matters on a flat fee basis. As each case we encounter is unique, we do not bill you for each tenth or quarter-hour of our time as most law firms do. Rather, we charge for our services based upon:

  • The type of case you have
  • The tasks we know we will need to complete for your situation
  • The documents we will prepare, and compliance with our rules of professional conduct
  • We provide you with a contract that very clearly sets out the legal fees you will incur

We handle personal injury and some other civil litigation matters on a contingent fee basis, which is a percentage of the money or other property that you receive as a result of our representation. Again, we provide you with a contract that clearly sets out our contingent fee agreement.

Because we are dedicated to providing your specific case with quality legal help, the fees will vary for each client. We only charge you what is fair for the services we perform for you. Call us today for a free consultation!