Retain An Element Of Control By Choosing Mediation

Though we will be discussing meditation and looking at it through the lens of family law cases, it is important to identify that mediation can effectively resolve many disputes. Regardless of the source of the conflict, we want to stress that one of the best reasons to choose mediation (in addition to it potentially being a timely and cost-effective solution) is that you get to retain an element of control that you Read More

Tips For Creating A Strong Parenting Plan

Any parent who goes through a divorce has to deal with the fact that they will not be able to be around their children all the time. That doesn’t mean you cannot be an involved parent who supports their children and has a solid relationship with them. It is simply going to look different than when you were married. Justifiably, this can be frightening for parents. How often am I going to see my children? Will I be Read More

Different Types Of Powers of Attorney

When someone close to you suggests that you should have a power of attorney, you may discover that there are several logical reasons for doing so. One of the many reasons why estate planning is something everyone should do is because there are components that have nothing to do with assets or money. Anyone can be involved in an accident and become incapacitated. Although no one can predict if it ever happens, you can Read More

The Benefits & Drawback Of An Asset Sale

When you sell or buy an existing business, you may have the option of pursuing an asset or stock sale. An asset sale centers around purchasing a company's assets and liabilities. A stock sale, however, occurs when the shares of a corporation are bought or sold. It is essential to recognize that as a sole proprietorship or partnership, you will not have the option of a stock sale. Those business structures mentioned Read More

Modifying A Child Custody Order

Texas is actively getting away from the word “custody” because it is beneficial for the child to have both parents in their life. Texas chooses to use the terms “conservatorship” and “possession and access” in place of “custody” and “visitation,” respectively. Defining terms is essential because this post pertains to whether you can modify an existing agreement. There are three different types of conservatorships in Read More

Benefits of Having An Attorney Review Your Contracts

Business relationships are vital; however, it is the actual contracts that bind business arrangements together. A company's contractual business relationships affect its operations, including its employees, business partners, suppliers, customers, and commercial landlords. As well as enforcing commitments, contracts help the parties think through the relationship and the risks and obligations involved. With so Read More

How To Prevent Contractual Disputes

Business owners work with partners, employees, and third-party vendors. Because of the number of variables and potentially large sums of money involved, there is a strong likelihood that disputes could surface. Mitigating and managing these issues is part of what it means to be a business owner. Well-drafted contracts account for these disagreements and can serve as a definitive solution in the wake of a highly Read More

The Value Of A Clear Title

Imagine that you have found your dream vacation home. It’s small and relatively inexpensive, so you make a cash offer because it allows you to close on the house quicker, making the seller happy. After you purchase the home, you discover that the seller was in the middle of a divorce, and the seller’s spouse claims they own the home.  Although the example mentioned above is somewhat extreme, that doesn’t mean it Read More

Why Executors Should Have A Probate Attorney

Anyone who hasn’t engaged in any degree of estate planning may be unfamiliar with the probate process and what it means to accomplish. Whether you have written a will or created a trust, you may have to deal with the probate process. When someone passes away, their assets pass through the probate court. This is not necessary when a trust has been established because the deceased didn’t own their assets; the trust Read More

The Benefits Of Buy-Sell Agreements

When you start a business, creating a buy-sell agreement should be incorporated into it early in the company’s life cycle. Though buy-sell agreements can pertain to anything, especially when they are highly valuable assets, we will look at them through the lens of a new business owner. If you understand what they can do for the newly-minted business owner, you can easily apply it to your situation. An attorney can Read More