What To Do When You Suspect That There Has Been A Contractual Breach

Contracts give business owners predictability and peace of mind in an uncertain world. Although a business has a certain degree of control within its walls, they frequently rely on third parties. By having a contract in place, you are setting expectations. Contracts can facilitate any business transaction by identifying what products and services are being provided, what is being exchanged in return, deadlines, and Read More

A Fresh Look At Prenuptial Agreements

Two significant misconceptions about premarital agreements (also referred to as prenuptial agreements or “prenups”) deserve second looks. When they get brought up, many assume that the monied spouse (or the one with a more substantial income) wants to protect themselves. Another topic raised is that premarital agreements are for people already anticipating the possibility of divorce before marriage. We will spend the Read More

The Most Common Sources Of Co-Parenting Disagreements

Co-parenting can be an immense challenge for many parents, but it is one embracing and becoming good at it. The irony is that you and your former spouse may have struggled to communicate toward the end of your marriage. Though the divorce process is emotionally complex, it is likely even more so for your children. They need you to be the best parent during one of the lowest points in your life. Furthermore, when you Read More

An Element That Your Small Business May Be Overlooking

Having contracts is your ability to control and mitigate many of the uncertainties that are a part of being a business owner. When you rely on third-party vendors to deliver the raw materials you need to generate products, what happens if and when they fail to meet their obligations? Though you cannot control their actions (or inactions), you can put safeguards in place that state what happens if they Read More

Retain An Element Of Control By Choosing Mediation

Though we will be discussing meditation and looking at it through the lens of family law cases, it is important to identify that mediation can effectively resolve many disputes. Regardless of the source of the conflict, we want to stress that one of the best reasons to choose mediation (in addition to it potentially being a timely and cost-effective solution) is that you get to retain an element of control that you Read More

Tips For Creating A Strong Parenting Plan

Any parent who goes through a divorce has to deal with the fact that they will not be able to be around their children all the time. That doesn’t mean you cannot be an involved parent who supports their children and has a solid relationship with them. It is simply going to look different than when you were married. Justifiably, this can be frightening for parents. How often am I going to see my children? Will I be Read More

Different Types Of Powers of Attorney

When someone close to you suggests that you should have a power of attorney, you may discover that there are several logical reasons for doing so. One of the many reasons why estate planning is something everyone should do is because there are components that have nothing to do with assets or money. Anyone can be involved in an accident and become incapacitated. Although no one can predict if it ever happens, you can Read More

The Benefits & Drawback Of An Asset Sale

When you sell or buy an existing business, you may have the option of pursuing an asset or stock sale. An asset sale centers around purchasing a company's assets and liabilities. A stock sale, however, occurs when the shares of a corporation are bought or sold. It is essential to recognize that as a sole proprietorship or partnership, you will not have the option of a stock sale. Those business structures mentioned Read More

Modifying A Child Custody Order

Texas is actively getting away from the word “custody” because it is beneficial for the child to have both parents in their life. Texas chooses to use the terms “conservatorship” and “possession and access” in place of “custody” and “visitation,” respectively. Defining terms is essential because this post pertains to whether you can modify an existing agreement. There are three different types of conservatorships in Read More

Benefits of Having An Attorney Review Your Contracts

Business relationships are vital; however, it is the actual contracts that bind business arrangements together. A company's contractual business relationships affect its operations, including its employees, business partners, suppliers, customers, and commercial landlords. As well as enforcing commitments, contracts help the parties think through the relationship and the risks and obligations involved. With so Read More