Myths About Men & Divorce

Myths can be dangerous. Many of them are so common that well-intentioned friends and family members may pass them to you as fact. The risk of these myths is that if you hear, for example, that men do not get custody of their children, you may be significantly less inclined to fight for custody.  The Truth About Spousal Support There are those that believe in old stereotypes in which the father is the Read More

Understanding How Earnest Money Works

Whether you are buying a home for you and your family for the first time or have completed the home buying process before, terms such as due diligence and escrow can be easily confused.  Unlike an attorney or a real estate agent, you may only be a part of this process once or even a few times throughout your life. It is understandable that someone would need to learn or relearn some of these terms and how Read More

Preparing For Court

Many people step into a courtroom for the first time when they are getting divorced. Some may have been summoned for jury duty, but they have never been the focal point of a case. It is easy to be overwhelmed at first. There are rules, procedures, and bailiffs (or marshals).  If you are feeling any degree of anxiety about your day in court, take the time to learn about what it will be like. If absolutely Read More

Critical Components Of A Contract

Businesswoman sitting at office desk signing a contract with shallow focus on signature As a business owner, you likely handle a wide variety of contracts. These exist as an extension of your professional relationship with everyone from your employees to your vendors. Regardless of who they are with or what they are for, a contract is meant to protect you. They formalize an agreement between at least two parties Read More

When Your Ex Stops Paying Child Support

Most people who have become primary custodians of their children plan and count on child support payments. They cover expenses for your children. And, child support payments are court-ordered. Regardless of your level of dependency on them, the state of Texas has stringent laws surrounding payment. If your ex has stopped paying child support, there are actionable steps that you can take.  Where To Read More

Grounds For Texas Annulments

An annulment is one of three ways in which you end a marriage in the state of Texas. The other two ways are if one or both spouses passes away—and the final way is divorce.  There is a considerable amount of misunderstanding and myths surrounding annulments, from how you obtain one and who is eligible to get one. If your marriage is annulled, then it never legally happened. People are granted these because Read More

How To Meet Your Ex Spouse’s New Partner

There are intense feelings that surround separation and divorce. When the divorce process is finalized, there may come a period of relief or even mourning. But there are going to be new challenges to face afterward—mainly if you are co-parenting.  When children are involved, there may come a time when your ex wants to introduce you to a new significant other. Though your divorce is complete, this is a new Read More

50/50 & Other Texas Divorce Myths

Most of these myths come from a good place. When you hear something enough—even if it’s untrue—it is easy to assume it is factual. For some of these, you too may have already thought them to be valid. If you are about to begin the divorce process, you are likely overwhelmed with the amount of change in your life. Assets need to be divided, agreements need to be written. There are so many details of your life Read More

3 Options For Your Jointly-Owned Business During A Divorce

Things get divided during a divorce. But a jointly-owned business can complicate matters. Why? Because property and assets can fall into two categories: Marital PropertySeparate Property You can see how a jointly-owned business could fall into both categories. However, some of your assets will be easier to divide than others. The contents of a savings account could be easily divided, but what if you have one Read More

How To Help Your Friend During A Divorce

Experiencing a divorce has emotional stages and hurdles. The result will be acceptance, but there are very difficult, emotional challenges along the way. Oftentimes, people going through a divorce are told they don’t have to do it alone. Lean on your friends, speak with your family, and trust your attorney.  If you’re reading this, maybe you’ve already been through this yourself and have a desire to help Read More