When Your Ex Stops Paying Child Support

Most people who have become primary custodians of their children plan and count on child support payments. They cover expenses for your children. And, child support payments are court-ordered. Regardless of your level of dependency on them, the state of Texas has stringent laws surrounding payment.

If your ex has stopped paying child support, there are actionable steps that you can take. 

Where To Start

Though you are not married, you and your former spouse share a child. Do you have an open line of communication? The answer to that question will be unique. But if able, reach out to your former spouse when a payment is missed. 

Your divorce agreement may specify when payment is officially late. Is there a reason why your ex missed a payment? There could be scenarios where they have lost a job or are experiencing hardship. 

You should strongly consider contacting a family law attorney. Don’t be hesitant to do so in fear of starting a legal battle that must be played out in a court. Though your attorney may advise you to file an enforcement action, there are other options too. There are ways to find resolution or implement modifications through mediation, for example, and a family law attorney can help you choose which options are the best. 

Consequences of Missed Payments 

Unfortunately (and sadly), you are not alone in this situation. The number of people neglecting to pay child support is high. By contacting an attorney immediately, you prevent yourself from losing more time and from the obligor (the person obligated to pay) getting even further behind.

And understanding how seriously Texas takes this may help with your peace of mind. 

  • Jail time and/or fines
  • Loss of licenses 
  • Having liens placed on their property and financial accounts
  • Paychecks and other earnings (e.g., a tax refund) can be withheld 

Courts usually order the delinquent obligor to reimburse the attorneys’ fees required to file an enforcement action.

Should an arrest warrant be issued and the obligor try to avoid apprehension, there are departments such as the Attorney General of Texas Child Support Evaders Program to help locate them. 

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